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Refund Policy:
Snooze Pills takes responsibility for all the disruptions regarding orders that are done due to any glitches in our system. We provide a full refund or a compensation order if the placed order is not delivered to the customer or a wrong order is delivered due to any fallacy or misconception from our side. Snooze Pills does not hold responsibility for the orders that are not delivered or are lost due to the misinformation regarding address from the customer side. We also do not accommodate refunds over the errors by the mailing company i.e. Royal Mail. Snooze Pills does take a strong grip over the information regarding your orders so if your order is delayed, lost, or kept by some third party, let us know regarding the issue via email or WhatsApp in order to seek help in this matter.
Return Policy:
Snooze Pills has a strict return policy in favor of customers regarding all the orders that are wrongly dispatched due to any flaw or error from our side. So if you do not get the particular product that you have placed, we will be obligated to accommodate the customer with the return of the order with the product that you have placed. Snooze Pills does not accommodate the return orders which are wrongly placed, so if the error caused is from the customer side, we will not uphold the responsibility of the return in that case. Merely, we will take the return of the orders that are falsely dispatched, not on the orders that are miss placed.
Privacy Policy:
Use of Information
Snooze Pills wields and utilizes the information especially, email, address, and phone number, shared by our customers only to convey and transmit the status of the orders and to dispatch the order. We do not share your information with any third party other than the mailing company. Emails of the subscribed customers are also used to communicate our promotional activities.
Security of Information
Snooze Pills provides a high tech encrypted security system in order to corroborate apex privacy for our customers, we make sure that placed information such as your personal detail is kept safe within the system. Snooze Pills advanced security system keeps the information secure and does not allow any fraudulent and deceptive activities from any third party, perceptible and detectable data of our customers are kept safeguarded through HTTPS. Data theft from external sources is also prevented through an advanced SSL system.
Disclosure of Information
Snooze Pills does not share any private information of our customers and registered users, we understand the importance of the privacy rights of our customers that’s why the information is not disclosed to any third party. Nevertheless, Snooze Pills can provide certain information under the matter of the legal proceedings as we will be vaulted to share the summoned information under the rule of law.
Cookie Policy:
Snooze Pills does not save any sort of persistent or session cookies. These cookies are stored and used by the browsers to provide a better and faster result for our website. Session cookies are permanent cookies without an expiration date and persistent cookies have an expiration date, both cookies are stored at the customer site after the given permission and can also be cleared or deleted from the browser by the user.

Our Client Say!

I want to congratulate you that you have got a permanent customer for life, very happy with my package. Quickest Delivery!

Steve Morgan

I have trouble sleeping for several days, and this website proved to be a literal life saver for me. Respect!

Monika Kapoor

Excellent Quality! I am extremely happy with the delivery time, received my order exactly on expected time. Finally found a website that I can trust. Kudos!

Rachel Jones

Highly Safe and Secure. You guys literally deserve 5 stars in Quality and Overall delivery and communication Process.

Steve Morgan